Qi Wireless Charging Pad

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LG WCP-700 Portable Power Mat Home and Office Charging Pad from LG

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Mobile device manufacturers are have standardized a new form of technology that will allow mobile devices to be charged while eliminating the need for plugs and adapters. This technology is possible due to a flat charging electronic mat known as a Qi Pad. Qi charging technology has been around for a while but it started to gain popularity after 2008 when the system was being standardized for use by mobile device companies. Since that time mobile device manufacturers are now developing many of their units to be charged with this type of technology. Electromagnetic induction is the primary science fuels this technology.

Wireless charging pad works by using an electromagnetic embedded inside of a transmission pad to create a current in the coil of a mobile device that is being charged. The transmission (charging) pad is plugged into a wall where it receives power. Once a Qi compatible mobile device is set onto a charging pad it can then be charged without the use of USB cords or plugs. Here is some information about four wireless chargers that are available on the market today.